In order to decrease the environmental impact caused by the construction sector, bio-based materials need to be further developed to allow better integration and acceptance in the market. Mycelium is the ‘root network’ of mushrooms, which acts as a natural glue to bind biomass. Mycelium grows through the biomass, which functions as a growth substrate and a biocomposite matrix. Mycelium composites are innovative products, with intrinsic properties which rise the attention of architects, designers and industrial companies. Until now, research has focused on the mechanical properties of mycelium products. The aim has been improving their mechanical strength, to achieve wider application in the construction sector. Alongside this, to introduce mycelium composites to a wider market, the aesthetic experience of the public also needs to be considered. Mycelium composites can be used as building materials, but also as interior design materials, therefore visible to its user. It is therefore crucial to determine the appropriate methodologies to confer colour to mycelium composites.

Assignment description

As an intern at the Centre of Expertise BioBased Economy (CoEBBE) you would be responsible in carrying out experiments relating to the coating of mycelium composites with pigmented biobased resin. Your tasks will be as follow:

  • Growth of mycelium composites
  • Study different possible dilutions to apply to the used resin
  • Pigmentation of resin with biobased dyes
  • Resin application to mycelium composites (different techniques can be studied)
  • (design a final product which can enhance the aesthetics of mycelium composites, utilizing the studied pigmented coatings)

Starting date

September 2020. The length of the assignment is 5 months. The student who will execute the assignment gets a a fee of €350,- per month.

Desirable skills/qualities of the student

The student should be able to work independently and carry out independent laboratory research. Background in environmental sciences, microbiology, art and product design are preferable. HBO or university students are preferred.


Contact persons concerning this assignment :

Ilaria La Bianca

Phone : +316 12076718

E-mail :

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