Together with 2 industrial companies (Attero, Coffee Based) and Prinsentuin College in Breda, the research group will carry out applied research and pilot small-scale experiments about biodegradability of biopolymers/bio composites under right and repeatable conditions.

september 2019 t/m september 2020

This in order to:

  • Investigate currently available bio composting processes as well as applicable standards for biodegradation;
  • Formulate the right conditions for biodegradable polymers that will optimize time of biodegradation to industrial standards of less than 12 weeks;
  • Develop experimental composting (lab / pilot) and test protocols;
  • Evaluate composting experiments and set-up (report).

The aim of the study is to increase the knowledge about biodegradability of biopolymers by means of research and experimentation, in order to improve the biodegradation process. Industrial partners will get the possibility to obtain a first indication of biodegradability of their own products and eventually optimize and adapt the current standards to meet the needs of the market.

Also the province of North Brabant is interested in the project since has the ambition to be a biobased top region and surely biopolymers and bioplastics can play an important role in achieving this goal.

The results of the project will have an additional value for further research project and contribute to the education at Avans too.

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