Webinar Communication Network on Bio-Based Products

BioCannDo (Bioeconomy Awareness and Discourse Project) will explain the idea of the bioeconomy and of bio-based end-products in a clear and understandable language, in a scientifically correct manner, and connect it to everyday life.

Collaboration partners can share and learn about good practices in approaches and formats for communication to the general public.

What can you expect from the webinar:

You will be informed on the results of German research on public perception of bio-based plastics and communication challenges and on general bioeconomy key messages that we drafted.

Webinar outline:

  1. Public perception of bio-based plastics and communication challenges ÔÇô Julia-Maria Blesin, BiNa project
  2. Discussion of presentation
  3. Key communication messages on bioeconomy ÔÇô Erik Lohse, FNR
  4. Discussion of presentation

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