nova Session “Sustainability of 1st and 2nd generation crops”

Brand new research into the sustainability of different bio-based material feedstocks will be presented and discussed.

The workshop will discuss the strength and weaknesses of all biomass feedstocks for biofuel and biomaterial production by criteria such as

  • GHG footprint
  • GHG abatement costs
  • land use efficiency
  • food security
  • protein-rich co-products
  • employment, rural development, livelihood of famers and foresters
  • LUC / iLUC, logistic
  • infrastructure availability
  • traceability
  • social impacts
  • biodiversity
  • water, air and soil quality.

The workshop will tackle the on-going debate between companies, policy makers and NGOs about the use of food crops for energy and materials. In recent years, it has been difficult to separate facts from myths and science from ideology. We will discuss all sides of the coin and elaborate on biomass supply and demand until 2050.

Participants are welcome to submit their specific topics of interest beforehand or put them up for discussion at the session.

Visit the website for morre information and registration.