G-STIC 2017

G-STIC 2017 invites you to join the dialogue on integrated technological solutions for the SDGs.

This unique conference will be an exciting meeting place for technology experts from the research community and the private sector, for national and international policy experts, and for members of civil society. Jointly hosted by VITO and its partners ACTS, AIT, IITD & TERI, G-STIC 2017 will help accelerate the achievement of the SDGs and climate change goals.


G-STIC 2017 activities will be structured in 10 thematic areas. Within each area, inspiring speakers will challenge you to think outside the box on how to create win-win solutions for local, regional and national problems using state-of-the-art technologies.

  • Li Yong, UNIDO
  • Martin Stuchtey, SystemIQ
  • Dirk Fransaer, VITO
  • Neth Da├▒o, ETC Group
  • Ajay Mathur, TERI
  • Luis Neves, GeSI / Deutsche Telekom


G-STIC 2017 focuses on integrated technological solutions that potentially have a large impact on the achievement of the SDGs and climate change goals. The activities in G-STIC 2017 are organized and structured in 10 thematic areas, including 6 thematic clusters and 4 cross-cutting themes addressing aspects that are of global importance to the thematic clusters.

Visit the G-STIC website for more information and registration.