The Biocomposites Conference Cologne

The Biocomposites Conference Cologne (BCC) will be the largest industry meeting on biocomposites worldwide.

More than 30 compound companies produce over 80,000 tonnes of granulates with wood and natural fibres in Europe 2017 ÔÇô new producers with major growth plans. World's largest conference and exhibition on biocomposites in December in Cologne (

There are many reasons to fill or reinforce plastics with wood or natural fibres of all kinds. Optical and haptic reasons play a role when it comes to differentiating products from standard plastic products. Especially in household, consumer goods and toys are optics, haptics and green image important considerations. Weight savings, shorter cycle times, scratch resistance and a lower CO2footprint play a crucial role in technical applications and in the automotive industry. And, in combination with biodegradable plastics, products are also manufactured for agriculture and horticulture as well as for special applications such as filter balls and coffee capsules.

Today, in addition to experienced component manufacturers who have been offering a wide variety of biocomposites for years, there are new suppliers on the market who want to use innovative technologies to produce and market even better granulates.

A part of this conference is the Biocomposite Award 2017 ceremony.

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