Biocolours Conference 2018

Do not miss this opportunity to share your knowledge, research and projects with the wider sector and be part of the International Biocolours Conference in Breda.

The Biocolours conference program will include presentations from keynotes, in addition to those presentations selected through the Call for Abstracts process. Presentations are not the only way your thinking can be shared, with many abstracts selected to be displayed in the Biocolours conference lounge as posters. The conference topics are:

  • Green building blocks for colourants and green synthesis to (new) colourants
  • Bioprospecting of colourants or additives for colourants
  • Biorefinery of colourants
  • Industrial and commercial application and use of biobased colourants
  • Performance improvement of colourants by the use of additives and
  • Environmental aspects of colourants


You can find the full program here

Please visit the website for all information: 

The conference is organized by the Centre of Expertise Biobased Economy.