I graduated as a master’s in Environmental Engineering in Bologna (Italy) with a specialization in Earth Resources Engineering. Helping the environment and transitioning to a circular and biobased economy is one of the biggest goal for me both on work and in everyday life.

After one year working in a water distribution company, with the role of sustainably managing the water resource, I joined the Centre of Expertise Biobased Economy of AVANS University of Applied sciences, where I am currently working as a sustainability researcher in the group Biobased Resources & Energy. I’m involved in different projects mostly dealing with evaluation of environmental impacts (LCA), sustainable development and biodegradability of bio polymers and bio composites. The biggest goal is to valorize the residual streams coming mainly from agriculture. And I think the CoEBBE is a very good dynamic and rich environment to learn and practice about these topics!

Researcher Biobased Resources & Energy

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