Amino Acids!
Amino acids can be seen as the building blocks of proteins, the proteins in your body that play a major role in almost all biological processes. They give structure to cells, are important for the transport and storage of nutrients, influence the functions of organs and contribute to the repair of tissues such as muscles, skin and bones. But amino acids are also important for your digestion, sleep and energy level.
Zircular Seaweed food
The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a global compass for making the world a better place. Sustainable production and consumption patterns are one of the focus areas and are also of national and regional importance for the Netherlands. In this context, it is investigated how the protein production and consumption chain can be made more efficient and sustainable, for example by applying circular agriculture and finding local protein sources.
Seaweed Sterols
Plant sterols are good for the human body. They do not only occur in crops that grow on land, but also in seaweeds, among other things. And it is precisely the sterols that can be extracted from seaweed that have special, valuable properties.
MAA’s from algae
Mycosporin-like amino acids (MAAs) are high-quality biobased components that can be used as UV blockers. These MAAs can be extracted from different types of algae and algae.
Within the BioKLEUR project we are looking for more environmentally friendly alternatives to dyes. The challenge within the BioKLEUR project is to gather as much knowledge as possible in the field of biobased dyes and to share this with the wider public.
Pure Nature: 100% Biobased
By 2030, the textile sector in the south of the Netherlands and Flanders wants to use 20% to 50% biobased materials in its products.

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