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Professors’ platform Biobased Economy
Lecturers' platforms have the mission to participate in discussions about agendas and innovation policy of the ministries and top sectors, the National Science Agenda, Green Deals and regions. The platforms must also publicize higher professional education practical research in other ways.
Coffee Silverskin Biomass Utilization
Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages in the world and the second largest traded commodity after petroleum. As a result of this large market, the reuse of coffee industry residues is of great importance from an environmental and economic point of view.
Material research for 3D printing
Development and application of recycled and biobased fiber reinforced thermoplastics in combination with FDM 3D printing.
Seaweed Sterols
Plant sterols are good for the human body. They do not only occur in crops that grow on land, but also in seaweeds, among other things. And it is precisely the sterols that can be extracted from seaweed that have special, valuable properties.
Biodegradability of biopolymer and biopolymer composites
Together with 2 industrial companies (Attero, Coffee Based) and Prinsentuin College in Breda, the research group will carry out applied research and pilot small-scale experiments about biodegradability of biopolymers/bio composites under right and repeatable conditions
MAA’s from algae
Mycosporin-like amino acids (MAAs) are high-quality biobased components that can be used as UV blockers. These MAAs can be extracted from different types of algae and algae.

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