28 December 2021
Tool launched for circular use of sewage
Sewage contains valuable substances that can be used as raw materials for biobased products. Think of fully biodegradable bioplastics, biochar or biodiesel. But where do you start? As part of the Interreg North-West Europe WOW! project, Avans University of Applied Sciences has developed a tool that answers the question: which valuable substances can I recover at my sewage treatment plants? The tool is designed to provide employees in the water sector with a simple tool in the decision-making process towards a more biobased and circular approach.
01 December 2021
Save the date – Inaugural Lecture Jappe de Best
On February 3rd Jappe de Best, professor of Biobased Resources & Energy, will be presenting his inaugural lecture. Prior to the inaugural lecture a minisymposium is organized by the research group Biobased Resources & Energy which will take you on a journey of some of their recent projects
30 September 2021
Large-scale production of bioplastics from residual flows one step closer
Towards a sustainable production of bioplastics from residual flows, PHA2USE and the Interreg NWE project WoW! recently took another important step. In the first extraction campaign on a pilot scale, we succeeded in producing more than 18 kg of PHBV from sewage sludge.
08 July 2021
Novel end products from grass fibres
The Grassification project is aimed at valorizing roadside grass clippings as renewable feedstock in industrial processes and demonstrating the economic potential for products resulting from its refining. During the webinar, project partners showcased the possibilities and feasibility of producing different building materials and landscape infrastructures from grass fibres.
31 May 2021
A new edition of the Biobased Update is out!
In deze Biobased Update kan je onder andere meer Lezen over lerend netwerk biobouwers, studenten die bedrijven helpen en gezondere kleding!
12 May 2021
Sounds good, that mycelium!
Mycelium bio-composites consist of two components: natural fibers and mycelium, the "root network" of mushrooms, which acts as a natural glue to bind the fibers. These bio-composites can have properties that are comparable to polystyrene foam or sheet materials, depending on the manufacturing process. Students conduct research into the acoustic properties of the biobased material.
03 May 2021
Energy efficient dwellings by circular facade renovation
Ana Luíza Bitar, a civil engineering bachelor student from Universidade Federal de Viçosa, Minas Gerais, Brazil, is already since January 2020 in the Netherlands. She spent half a year in Groningen for the minor Urban Regeneration at Hanze UAS. Currently, she is doing her graduation internship at Zuyd UAS on the topic: Energy efficient dwellings by urban mined biomimicry-based facade renovation, as part of the Drive 0 project.
29 April 2021
First CurCol event successful
On the 20th of April the first CurCol event took place. More than 50 participants listened online to the inspirering presentations of Centexbel, Centre of Expertise Biobased Economy, Rodenburg Biopolymers and DeltaQ.
02 April 2021
Mycelium testing
As part of the Mycelium Boards and Building on Mycelium projects, 3 students started working on mycelium processing. This project was offered within the Biobased Building minor at HZ University of Applied Sciences. Students Ahmed, Julia and Thomas talk about their research and experiences.
18 February 2019
Postgraduate Biobased and Circular Economy
How do you develop a sustainable business case or policy for your organization in the transition to a bio-based and circular economy? Do you want to guide companies or governments in the transition to a bio-based and circular economy?

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