Pyrochem door de ogen van een student
21 June 2022
Pyrochem through the eyes of a student
Breed lachend en enthousiast vertellend zit ze voor ons. “Jazeker, het begin was lastig. De corona-maatregelen, moeite met het vinden van huisvesting, je draai zien te vinden in een onbekend land en een andere cultuur.” Ga er maar aan staan als 22-jarige bachelor student uit het Braziliaanse Belo Horizonte. Gelukkig ging het stof snel liggen en vond ze, te midden van studenten en collega’s van CoE BBE, al snel haar draai. Nu is het aftellen tot de terugreis alweer begonnen. “Ik neem een onvergetelijke ervaring mee terug naar Brazilië. Bagage die ik hopelijk kan gebruiken om ook thuis stapjes te zetten in duurzame ontwikkeling van chemische processen.”
09 June 2022
Research Group Smart Energy with CoE BBE
Binnen CoE BBE gaat de komende periode het één en ander veranderen. De ontwikkeling naar het nieuwe zwaartepunt Technologische Innovatie in Energie- en Materiaaltransitie is inmiddels in volle gang. Eén van de veranderingen die we deze zomer al gaan zien is de overstap van het Avans lectoraat Smart Energy van het Expertisecentrum Technische Innovatie naar CoE BBE. Daarom stellen wij het lectoraat graag alvast aan je voor.
07 April 2022
High-tech bridge built with flax
The first “Smart Circular Bridge” has been built. An old material is being rediscovered: flax has been with us for thousands of years in the form of clothing, sacks, and robust ship's ropes. Now the plant fibres are experiencing a renaissance and could become the building material of the future. Combined with a special bio-resin, it can be made into a light and highly stable material with properties comparable to aluminium or steel. The EU project "Smart Circular Bridge" shows what is possible with this innovative new material.
05 April 2022
Available knowledge on renewable fuels bundled in short and attractive knowledge clips
To achieve a climate neutral and circular economy in 2050, a switch to green raw materials for chemicals, materials and fuels is needed. In all these chains, the currently used fossil raw materials must be replaced. To show the possibilities and opportunities of renewable fuels to entrepreneurs and students, short knowledge clips have been developed.
04 April 2022
Join the biobased innovation student challenge Europe
Do you want to design a creative bio-based solution in a multidisciplinary student team? The Bio-based Innovation Student Challenge Europe (BISC-E) encourages students to explore the emerging bio-based work field while developing a new bio-based product or process. Are you up or the challenge? Register portal at now!
29 March 2022
3e internationale conferentie Smart Cities in Smart Regions Conference “Hands on!”
Op 20 april start het 3-daagse congres 'Smart Cities in Smart Regions' in Breda. De conferentie wordt georganiseerd door het Urban Living Lab Breda, Avans Hogeschool en Breda University of Applied Sciences in nauwe samenwerking met de gemeente Breda, LAB University of Applied Sciences (FI) en een aantal internationale, nationale en regionale partners.
17 March 2022
“We need to take that step now”
Building an appealing, sustainable holiday home using natural and recycled materials obtained from the island. That was the assignment that Nescio Midavaine and Martin van Overveld set themselves in 2018. After a lot of headaches and busy weekends in just over two years, and with the help of the Biobased Building lectorate of HZ University of Applied Sciences, the friends succeeded. The island house has now been traveling around the island for almost two years and is very popular among tourists.
07 February 2022
It’s not easy being green
28 December 2021
Tool launched for circular use of sewage
Sewage contains valuable substances that can be used as raw materials for biobased products. Think of fully biodegradable bioplastics, biochar or biodiesel. But where do you start? As part of the Interreg North-West Europe WOW! project, Avans University of Applied Sciences has developed a tool that answers the question: which valuable substances can I recover at my sewage treatment plants? The tool is designed to provide employees in the water sector with a simple tool in the decision-making process towards a more biobased and circular approach.
01 December 2021
Save the date – Inaugural Lecture Jappe de Best
On February 3rd Jappe de Best, professor of Biobased Resources & Energy, will be presenting his inaugural lecture. Prior to the inaugural lecture a minisymposium is organized by the research group Biobased Resources & Energy which will take you on a journey of some of their recent projects
30 September 2021
Large-scale production of bioplastics from residual flows one step closer
Towards a sustainable production of bioplastics from residual flows, PHA2USE and the Interreg NWE project WoW! recently took another important step. In the first extraction campaign on a pilot scale, we succeeded in producing more than 18 kg of PHBV from sewage sludge.
08 July 2021
Novel end products from grass fibres
The Grassification project is aimed at valorizing roadside grass clippings as renewable feedstock in industrial processes and demonstrating the economic potential for products resulting from its refining. During the webinar, project partners showcased the possibilities and feasibility of producing different building materials and landscape infrastructures from grass fibres.

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