Opportunities for you - in the biobased Economy

We have various opportunities for students wanting a work placement or to carry out research at CoE BBE. Here, enthusiastic students, entrepreneurs, scientists and lecturers work together to promote knowledge about the bio-based economy and develop materials and new products.

We are always on the lookout for keen new students who are committed to building a bio-based economy. Perhaps you will soon be looking into applications for grass clippings in products or writing a marketing plan for a new biobased product.

Besides the social aspect, your professional knowledge and experience with the biobased economy will stand you in good stead in industry!

What can you contribute as a student?

Avans and HZ University of Applied Sciences offer various biobased minors, specialisms and work placements in the Netherlands and abroad. Students following the biobased Economy minor, for example, collaborate with companies and government agencies in the region. As a result, they make a substantial contribution and can influence significant developments for the future. Ever imagine that a truck would be able to run on biogas made from manure? Research into this was important for the Municipality of ‘s-Hertogenbosch. Students following this minor made the difference! What can you do? See your options to the right. Do you have your own ideas about your potential role in a biobased economy? Or do you have questions about anything else? Let us know!

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Student speaks

Are you thinking about doing an internship at the CoE BBE? Many students have preceded you and can tell you like no other how they liked it. Read the experiences of some students below:

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