Did you know that we produce about 87 million tons of packaging waste per year in Europe? The good news is that a part of this is made of bioplastics that is recyclable or biodegradable. The bad news is that these processes still release non-biodegradable and often toxic synthetic colorants. Can we counter this by using natural colorants? Yes!

20 april 2021

In the Interreg Northwest Europe project CurCol, we investigate the color production and application in bioplastic and paper packaging, based on the yellow natural colorant curcumin. In this webinar we focus on colorants in bioplastics. Learn from our experts and give us your opinion on this topic!



Time Presentation
15:00h Introduction of the CurCol project
by Han van Kasteren, Centre of Expertise Biobased Economy.
15:15h Biobased polymers: properties, opportunities and challenges
by Isabel de Schrijver, Centexbel.
15:30h Biobased and biodegradable solutions from side-stream valorization: starch based bioplastics
by Thijs Rodenburg, Rodenburg Biopolymers.
15:50h Colorants for plastics: from masterbatch to sustainable product
by Patrik Rohrer, DeltaQ.
16:10h Progress, current state and future work on the optimization of colorants from curcumin
by Kees Kruithof, Centre of Expertise Biobased Economy.
16:30h Discussion
17:00h Closure


Tuesday April 20, 2021


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