In multidisciplinary groups, students from Finland and the Netherlands work together (online) to find the best sustainable solution for a workfield challenge! The battle helps students to become acquainted with the challenges and work processes that take place in the work field. Because they work on a challenge from the professional field and receive workshops on how to effectively go through the solution process, they are being prepared to step into the work field as a professional!



27 maart 2023


  • Each group of students will four half days from defining the problem/challenge for creating a solution.
  • The students will work (online) in a multidisciplinary group of +/- 8 international students from different locations in the Netherlands and Finland.
  • The students will work on a challenge from the working field.
  • The students will work under guidance of teachers from Finland and the Netherlands.
  • The students will get the change to network, learn more about different work ethics and cultures in Finland and the Netherlands.
  • The students will get different (online) workshops.
  • Workshop topics: Working with different work ethics, effective brainstorm sessions for winning ideas, design a concept for your audience and create a killer pitch!

After signing up for the Battle, the student get assigned to a challenge and a group. This will be announced in February 2023.

Example challenges of previous years:

‘Innovative solutions for incorporating orange peel waste streams into a biobased economy’ – Partner company Peel pioneers‘

‘Developing innovative ideas for reusing municipal and industrial residual waste streams’




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