Sustainable Materials for Transportation Expo 2018 (SMT18)

Sustainable Materials for Transportation Expo 2018 (SMT18) is the ONLY B2B forum that connects the full sustainable materials manufacturing supply chain with motivated buyers from every key transportation sector including automotive, aerospace, rail and marine.

Sustainable Materials for Transportation Expo is the industry's only commercially focused trade exhibition and conference dedicated to the advanced manufacturing of sustainable materials, components and systems together with end-of-life vehicle recycling.  

SMT 18 crucially brings together the full spectrum of sustainable material opportunities including materials, components and systems that are:

  • Renewable 
  • Recycled and reusable
  • Lightweight 

As well as innovative technologies that help to reduce carbon emissions. 

Furthermore, the event will bring together the full materials manufacturing supply chain incorporating all products and services that contribute to the production of sustainable materials from raw materials to machinery, testing services to coatings, laboratory equipment to recycling.

Product Areas:

If you are part of the supply chain for sustainable material manufacturing in automotive, aerospace, rail or marine then SMT 18 is dedicated to bringing together the right decision makers to grow your business in Europe and globally.

Sustainable Materials for Transportation 2018 will profile a comprehensive portfolio of sustainable materials components, systems and related products and services including but not limited to:


  •  3-D Printing
  •  Active Agents
  •  Additives
  •  Carbon Fibre
  •  Recycled Rubber 
  •  Adhesives and Sealants
  •  Aluminum
  •  Bio Based Chemicals
  •  Wood Fibre
  •  Biofuel
  •  Bio Based Materials
  •  Bio Resins
  •  Bio Polymers
  •  Corrodible Metal   Components 
  •  Nylon Resins


  • Bio Fibre 
  •  Thermoplastic Composites 
  •  Moulding Equipment 
  •  Nanomaterials 
  •  Liquid Resin Casting 
  •  Renewable Raw Materials 
  •  Laboratory Equipment 
  •  Organic Compounds 
  •  Thermoplastic Raw Materials 
  •  Materials Testing
  •  Sustainable Coatings
  •  Natural Fibre
  •  Sustainable Components
  •  Emissions Control Technologies
  •  Sustainable Systems