MOOC Biobased Business Development

You want to contribute to a better future. That is why you want to develop business ideas in a biobased context. This free, open course entitled Biobased Business Development helps you to provide your company with an advantageous position. In six modules, we will guide you (startup ) professionals, entrepreneurs, and bachelor’s students through the theories of business related to biobased thinking.

First, to follow this course, no specific background is required nor any previous knowledge about any of the topics. You just need a sense of curiosity!

If you want to know more about biobased thinking, you can follow our previous MOOCs: Think Biobased! and Biobased Introduction. 

This MOOC is a self-paced MOOC consisting of six modules.We advise you to complete these modules in the order presented, but they are available at all times, so you can choose your own path.

The modules:
1.  Introduction
2.  Market Opportunity & Value Assessments  
3.   Feedstock
4.  Partners
5.  Citizens and Government
6.  Funding
7.   Competition 

Each module contains the following:
1. Brief introduction and overview of the learning goals for that module
2. Video lecture(s)
3. Resources
4. A statement to discuss in the discussion forum
5. Quizzes
6. An assignment forms part of this MOOC, which is explained in the module introduction.


In this MOOC you can choose between three assigments:

1. You are a Avans student and in the minor you study counselor provides you with an assignment
2. You choose an assignment which is provided to you in this MOOC. Choose form B.
3. You have your own business and you want you make a business plan for your own company. You can choose let your plan be judged by a professional. You’ll retain all rights.

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